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Rebecca E. Poynton-Murray

Board Member

Rebecca has been in the Media industry for almost 15 years and has held influential positions, including Global Head of Advertising Product and Revenue Strategy at CNN, Global Vice President at Nielsen as well as serving as Vice President of Decision Sciences at Universal McCann, a part of the IPG holding agency. Her work has garnered global acclaim, earning numerous Advertising of the Year awards, including recognition from the Native Advertising Institute for multiple consecutive years.

Rebecca's professional journey has taken her around the world, with significant stints in London, Toronto, and Atlanta. Her expertise lies at the intersections of Marketing, Data and Technology, pioneering innovation in each of her media roles in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Beyond her corporate achievements, Rebecca is a passionate advocate for STEM education, having advised at 10 Downing Street on the progression and importance of STEM topics in early age education. She is also a highly sought-after speaker in the digital space, sharing her insights and experiences with audiences eager to learn from her expertise. She holds a Journalism degree specializing in investigative documentary Journalism from Lincoln University.

An avid champion sailor, Rebecca serves as Media Officer for Charleston Ocean Race Association. In this role, Rebecca curates engaging content and crafts compelling narratives that bring the excitement of sailboat races to life. She is also responsible for supporting regatta events and sponsorship opportunities in order to cultivate a broader understanding and appreciation for the Charleston sailing community and sailing culture.

Above all, her deepest passion is for the language and art of music and song. Without it, Rebecca believes we simply cannot live because of its relation to our spirit. Having grown up amidst the vibrant cultural tapestry of London, Rebecca’s happy places are the Royal Opera House and the Royal Philharmonic, and believes it is mission critical to preserve, educate and sustain our upcoming generations on the importance of Operatic storytelling.

Rebecca E. Poynton-Murray
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